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The Deception

The Deception cover photo

The Deception by Marina Martindale

A string of misfortunes has left photographer Carrie Daniels penniless and desperate. When her former mentor, Louise Dickenson, steps forward to offer her a job as a art model for a private commission, Carrie has no choice but to accept. Things seem to be looking up when she meets Scott Andrews, however her friends soon realize that Scott isn’t who he appears to be, and Carrie’s luck goes from bad to worse when Louise’s photos of her fall into the wrong hands. Can Alex Montoya, a long-lost friend from her past, save her from ruin?

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Scorned love, desperation, revenge, identity theft, and a reunion of lost loves are just some of the wonderful plot twists and turns woven into The Deception. Full of wonderfully rich characters, action-packed adventure and heart-wrenching circumstances, The Deception will have you hooked from beginning to end.

Emily Guido, author of The Light Bearer Series 

* * *

Mariana Martindale knows how to create sleazebags and jerks you love to see receive their comeuppance.  In The Deception, Carrie, the plucky protagonist, faces challenges at every turn. Martindale keeps the reader cheering for her and booing the bad guys (not always men) until the very last page. A time or two I even smacked my fist and said “Gotcha!” Hurrah for Mariana Martindale! She’s done it again.

 Rachel Andersen, author of A Nurse’s World

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