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The Journey

"The Journey" by Marina Martindale

“The Journey” by Marina Martindale

Newlyweds Cassie and Jeremy Palmer seem to be living perfect lives, until a car crash leaves Cassie hospitalized and fighting for her life. Jeremy’s own frightening journey begins when he meets Denise, one of Cassie’s nurses. Denise seems familiar, but while he may no longer remember her, she has neither forgiven nor forgotten how he jilted her, years before. Denise seeks revenge and Jeremy soon vanishes under mysterious circumstances, leaving his grieving wife behind. As Cassie struggles to recover her life will take another strange turn, when an unexpected visitor reveals that things are not as they appear.

Coming September, 2013


The Journey is a beautifully crafted and well-written novel.  Just when you think you’re on the “straight and narrow,” Martindale swerves you around an unexpected twist in the road that will not let you stop turning the pages. Put this one high, very high, on your list of must-read books. The Journey is more than just a journey – it is a ride!

Dan Baldwin

Author of Trapp Canyon, the Caldera series, and the Ashley Hayes mysteries.

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